Can Storage Affect Your Bottom Line?

We are living in a consumer culture and find ourselves constantly surrounded by “stuff” in our homes. In our experience as agents, we are finding that storage solutions rank highly on a buyer’s wish list, but can having good storage in your home have an impact on the price you receive for your property?

Once built-in wardrobes were the exception but have now become the rule and there seems to be a trend towards good storage in all rooms of the house. Think Shaynna Blaze and her need for “face height storage cabinets” in every bathroom on The Block!

It’s hard to put a dollar amount toward the impact good storage will have to your home’s value but we find that having good storage options (or not!) may affect the buying decision. If there are no notable storage solutions, then a buyer may factor that in as something they would have to do themselves which in turn may discount the price in their mind. Having excellent storage options will improve the competitiveness of your home and will ultimately speak to the value.

There are currently a few popular storage trends:

Butler’s Pantry – this is certainly a growing trend and what’s included can vary from being complete with sink, dishwasher and cooking appliances to a partial butler’s pantry with shelves and space and power points for your microwave, kettle and toaster. A butler’s pantry adds a certain prestige to a property and many buyers have one on their wish list.

Study Nook – to have a study nook situated near the kitchen or living area of a home is an emerging trend as well. A space to store (and charge) all those devices, do your paperwork and supervise the kid’s homework is always well received. If you can close off the clutter from view – even better!

Wardrobe fit-outs – some of the fit-outs you can get now are next level with people really thinking about how to best utilise the space for maximum storage capacity.

Garage Storage – there a surprising number of options available to create usable storage in a garage. You can buy simple shelving systems from stores like Bunnings or if you’re a little bit handy you could build shelves up higher that provide space up over the bonnet of your car so you’re not encroaching into your car space.

You could also think outside the square a little and look upwards into your roof to see if the space up there is usable for storage. Pull down attic ladders and some MDF sheets laid across the beams in your ceiling is one option that might work for you. Or, perhaps consider your options outside, with a purpose built garden shed which would look more aesthetically pleasing than your standard garden shed while providing greater functionality.

If you are planning to renovate or build a home, it is the perfect time to factor in storage as part of the process. Spending a little time looking at your storage options at this point can certainly pay off in the end. Think about what kind of storage is needed and how you might achieve that.

Finally, if you are selling your home it’s a great idea to showcase the storage options available in your home. If you’re lucky enough to have fantastic storage space, then you want your potential buyers to be able to see the benefits of it. It won’t help if they open a cupboard and it’s piled high with clutter! It’s important to demonstrate how all the space in your home could work for them.

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Can Storage Affect Your Bottom Line?