Prepare Your Investment Property for Winter

Despite the beautiful Autumn weather we’ve had so far, we are fast approaching that time of year when the days are shorter and colder and Winter well and truly takes hold. There are a few key areas of seasonal maintenance that are definitely worth your attention in preparation for the Orange Winter.

Starting at the top of your property and working downwards, here are our recommendations:

The Roof

Take a close look at your roof and if you suspect broken or cracked tiles and any deterioration in the ridge capping, get a professional to come and have a look. If you have a leaky roof it poses a risk to damaging other areas of your property which can be very expensive.

Clear those Gutters

Autumn is the enemy for our drainage systems as leaves often clog our pipes and gutters. This in turn can increase the risk of flooding and leaks. We recommend getting your gutters cleaned and inspected to check they are in perfect working condition.

Smoke Alarms

As the weather gets colder it is natural for people to light more candles and use a range of internal heating. It is essential that all smoke alarms and supplied fire extinguishers are in working order.

Doors and Windows

The sudden change in temperatures can often lead to doors and windows not closing perfectly. Any gaps can make it difficult to heat the home. This needs to be addressed before winter comes to ensure comfort and reasonable energy costs.

Heating Systems

Like any major appliance that gets constant use, it needs to be checked by a professional to ensure it continues to work efficiently. Post summer is an ideal time to get an annual check-up on your ducted heating, split system or any other type of heating unit in your property.

Wood Fires

If your property has a wood fire, autumn is the time to ensure it is in good working order and have the flue or chimney cleaned out. It also might be worth reminding the tenants of the type of wood and any guidelines you have to ensure safety with its use.


Often overlooked is the quality of ventilation in a property. As the weather gets colder and windows and doors are closed for longer periods, it is important that exhaust fans are in good working condition. Any build-up of condensation and dampness can to lead to damaging side effects such as mould, peeling paintwork and wallpaper, warped timber frames, etc.

We recommend ongoing, good property maintenance to ensure the value and quality of your property. It has the added bonus of keeping your tenants happy while upholding insurance requirements.

If you require any advice or support for work on your property, please feel free to contact our Property Management team.

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Prepare Your Investment Property for Winter